Intro to Geeks
   Ok all you seriously confused teens like myself. If you've found this page, that means you either like searching random things on google, or you're a smart chick with a personality to match. Here is the one simple fact: The term geek has changed. It no longer means "those one weird socially-deprived kids with the big books and the brains to match". It is now the term used to describe the teens (it may be you) who are very involved in school related activities, and who not only are smart, but fun, talkative and interesting. If you want the first definition, become the socially-deprived nerd you were ment to be. If your a Star Trek fan, leave my site NOW! Just kidding, I'm not THAT mean.
Just a Bit About the Author
   Anywho, hoping that I may lead you in the right direction, I'll tell you about me. (I'll keep it brief because I'm very paranoid about sexual preditors online. So if you are, leave this site now because my dad's a police officer... are you gone? GOOD riddens!)
I'm in a lot of sports. I'm in a lot of clubs. I have lots of friends and am very music based... So for title reasons, which I will discuss later, I am a music geek (voted most musical in my class). I like to organize things (everything except my bedroom unforntunately). I like things related to superhuman abilities. I'm slowly writing a book with some, and I'm into all those shows like Teen Titans and X-Men and all that jazz. I like drama and art, and I'm very very talkative (if you haven't noticed already what with the babbling I've already done. Stick around. Its cool, I promise).
Are You One of Us?
   It's ok if you're not my twin. Everyone has a geek inside of him/her. You adore football and know everything to do about the Vikings? Sports Geek. You know every single top ten music list since the day your parents were born? Music Geek. You have every single DVD, documentary, and book of Lord of the Rings that include all four hours of bonus features? Movie Geek. Being a geek is all about knowlege. But the true people who are honored of being clasified as "geek" also have some brains.
   Let's talk about your friends if you don't really obsess over something to the point of insanity. You may be classified by the people you hang out with the most, even if you're not the hottest ravioli in the pan.
1) Do your friends all take advanced classes?
2) Do you guys hang out and spend the whole time on the computer watching Youtube videos or watching old western films? Or worst, Star Trek episodes???? *horror scream*
3) Are your friends the only ones who tend to raise their hand in class and get the answer right?
 ~~If you answered yes to any of these questions, yay! Join the club of smarties!
   My friends are all ethnically different. In our circle, the guys come from places like Russia, the Netherlands, India, China, and others. They all somehow have acumulated together in one group, and they are all very smart. Most of the girls are either average intelegence or uber smart and come from no different backrounds (all American girls).
Come to the Dark Side! (We may or may not have cookies!)
   So hopefully you are no longer confused on who you are, geek or not. If you happen to be one of us, then congrats. Hopefully that means you'll stick around to see what tips are needed to become the best of the best (geek wise) in style, attitude and smarts.

Just a Note (on usage of this site)
(Oh, and a note to everyone. I am NOT looking for people to "hook up" with. If you are a sexual preditor/ person who wants to make fun of this website/ creep who wants a date, I kindly ask you to leave this site and leave me alone. My intention for this website is to help teens my age to find their identity and let it thrive. If you're someone who wants to prevent me from doing that, I'm sorry but you are a terrible person. I will not be including any person information about anyone, including myself, for privacy. Thank you and please respect this site.)